International Partnerships

In 2014, with the initiative of Professor Constantinos Pangalos, Genomis Ltd (UK) was founded in England with the assistance of a group of geneticists to study and design new pioneering genomic tests with specific clinical applications. InterGenetics therefore has a close collaboration with Genomis to perform all genomic examinations performed at our Center and particularly new innovative tests such as:

  • test Progenomis® aimed at future parents
  • test Fertilitis® for the investigation of male or female infertility
  • test Fetalis® performed prenatally in fetuses with various ultrasound abnormalities
  • test FetalSafe® for comprehensive prenatal testing, as well as its variation
  • test FetalSafe® Plus, that also includes the prenatal molecular karyotype
  • test CarrierFree® aimed for carrier detection of severe genetic disorders
  • test DonoSafe® aimed for safe gamete donation
  • test Preventomis® aimed at timely disease prevention in adults

as well as many other NGS- based genomic tests with wide clinical applications