Principles & Goals

InterGenetics was founded in order to offer first-class medical genetic services in Greece and abroad, through a dynamic and close cooperation between the clinician and the geneticist. Historically, it was the first private genetics group in Greece under the name Diagnostic Genetics Centre.

InterGenetics is based upon and aims at the absolute scientific and technical validity of clinical and laboratory investigation, support and assistance to the patient, reliable information to the physician and the public and, foremost, on active scientific research and development, which allows the continuous integration of the latest achievements in Medical Genetics and Genomics. Adherence to these objectives and their enforcement was the route to a successful course through time.

Until today, InterGenetics serves as a reference center in the field of Medical Genetics and Genomics, in Greece and abroad, as it ensures continuous technological development and analysis methods, based on highly trained human resources, as well as on the use of state-of-the-art equipment.

As Medical Genetics and especially Genomics, develop at a fast pace, we are proud to follow this progress by setting new challenges and goals.


  • We constantly add new tests by implementing the latest technological advances
  • We strive to raise the awareness of the public and the scientific community in the area of Medical Genetics and Genomics
  • We expand internationally in new markets