The toxicity of cadmium resembles the other heavy metals (arsenic, mercury, and lead) in that it attacks the kidney; renal dysfunction with proteinuria with slow onset (over a period of years) is the typical presentation. Breathing the fumes of cadmium vapors leads to nasal epithelial deterioration and pulmonary congestion resembling chronic emphysema.

The most common source of chronic exposure comes from spray painting of organic-based paints without use of a protective breathing apparatus; auto repair mechanics represent a susceptible group for cadmium toxicity. Tobacco smoke is another common source of cadmium exposure.

Normal blood cadmium is <5.0 mcg/L, with most results in the range of 0.5 to 2.0 mcg/L.

Acute toxicity will be observed when the blood level exceeds 50 mcg/L.

  • Sample of whole blood
  • We perform the test upon request