Course & Achievements

During the 40 years of operations, our team has processed more than 536,000 clinical and laboratory investigations of patient cases from Greece and abroad. Whenever necessary, detailed genetic counseling was also provided. Considerable expertise has been gained through the analysis of >95,000 prenatal samples, were we applied the latest techniques for the investigation of chromosomal and gene disorders.

A number of novel approaches have been implemented for expanded prenatal diagnosis and preimplantation genetic diagnosis. Furthermore, the wide range of diagnostic molecular pathology tests offered by our center utilizes the latest molecular genetics techniques. Considerable experience has also been gained in the investigation of hematological malignancies through the analysis of >11,000 leukemia patients.

Also, the range of our diagnostic test is complemented by the recent innovative applications of genomic analyses in clinical diagnosis. The extensive list of tests available provides a panorama of our numerous genetic tests and we welcome you to browse through this list.

Our services are offered at very competitive prices and are backed by a comprehensive secretarial support. Regular participation in external quality control schemes and the quality management system we have installed (EN ISO 9001:2015), ensure the integrity and accuracy of our services and has also led to several accreditations of various genetic tests according to EN ISO 15189:2012, leading to recognition of our services both in Greece and abroad.

Our comprehensive diagnostic capabilities and vertical integration, combined with our considerable experience and expertise, have made us a reference center in Genetics