Carnitine sperm

Decreased carnitine values in the serum or urine samples can be indicative of metabolic defects. To this end it must be noted that often the carnitine deficiencies cannot be determined with certainty by measuring the carnitine concentrations in the serum, but in muscle or liver tissue samples if there is reasonable ground for suspicion.

Carnitine deficiency syndromes are associated with a reduction of the energy supply from fatty acid oxidation or with an inhibition of coenzyme A-dependent metabolic processes.

Carnitine in the ejaculate:

Very low values are found in azoospermia caused by a bilateral deferent duct obstruction. Carnitine is also reduced in the case of chronic inflammations of the epididymis (epididymitis).

  • Sample of sperm
  • We perform the test in 24 hours from sampling