‘… Dear Mr. Pangalos,

After completion of the expanded genetic testing regarding the problem of my sister-in-law, I have received the favorable tests results you so kindly sent me.

My family and I wish to express our gratitude and thanks for your willingness to help us and for your financial disinterestedness. Since the establishment of the maternity hospital “HPA” and to date “IASO”, my generation of physicians always relied on your meritorious scientific abilities and your consistency.

With infinite appreciation and friendship,



‘… MrPangalos,

Thank youI wish you success in your research and may you always be well. Please know that your scientific work is pious.




“It seems unbelievable! Our TH. is now well. We were lucky that God and the scientific experts helped us” said the mother of the children, C.I.

“Faith that we will succeed, especially my wife’s, prevailed. We followed the instructions of the doctors and so we arrived at this result. We wish all the families who have the same problem find a solution and to feel the same joy with us” explains the father of the children, CH.P., who does not hide his joy and thanks the scientists that helped young Th. to no longer suffer and to enjoy good health, like all children his age.

“Our little daughter was for us like winning the lottery ticket. When she grows up we will tell her in detail how she contributed to a miracle, and that her birth was also a great miracle for us! “