• Highly qualified and certified obstetricians specialized in fetal medicine
  • Parallel evaluation and assessment by a specialist obstetrician and a clinical geneticist
  • Comprehensive genetic counseling where necessary
  • State of the art equipment

Prenatal diagnosis is all the tests that are performed during pregnancy, in order to reveal the possible presence of a serious disease in the embryo, occurring with a general frequency of about 1 in 20 pregnancies. Prenatal testing comprises:

  • monitoring the normal progression of pregnancy in the mother and the fetus and the application of standard tests for this purpose
  • diagnosis of serious constitutive abnormalities of the fetus using ultrasound examination
  • risk assessment of possible genetic defects in the fetus (chromosomal or genetic abnormalities), e.g. Down syndrome
  • diagnosis of genetic diseases due to gene mutations, by direct analysis of fetal genetic material

The establishment of the Fetal-Maternal Medicine Department by InterGenetics aims, for the first time, at a direct link between Fetal-Maternal Medicine with Clinical Genetics for the provision of highly specialized services at the highest possible level.

This new activity is staffed with highly trained and reputable obstetricians-gynecologists, specialists in maternal-fetal medicine and certified by the Fetal Medicine Foundation.

The advantage of this liaison is the possibility to provide genetic counseling in parallel with the ultrasound examination of the embryo.

Therefore, personalized, global and in-depth management of every case is ensured through the cooperation of the fetal medicine specialist and the clinical geneticist. Where applicable, the mother is able to consult the clinical geneticist for matters relating to the fetus.

All testing is performed in close cooperation with the referring obstetrician who has the overall responsibility of monitoring the pregnancy.

Tests included in the group