Urine urea nitrogen (UUN) 24H

Urine urea nitrogen (UUN) refers to a test that measures the urine urea to assess nitrogen balance.

Urea nitrogen is the end product of breakdown of proteins in the body. In individuals with normal kidney and liver functions, urea is excreted via urine.

By testing for UUN, clinicians can assess one’s nitrogen balance. Calculating nitrogen balance is a useful tool in assessing adequacy of protein provision in clinical setting in:

  • Patients with questionable protein intake.
  • Patients with confirmed or suspected protein digestion and absorption problems.
  • Patients with increased metabolic demand due to catabolic disease status.
  • Patients on long-term enteral nutrition or parenteral nutrition.

UUN is determined from 24-hour urine collection. Along with UUN, values for BUN, protein content of diet, enteral or parenteral nutrition, and notable outputs other than urine (gastric residual, fistula output, drainages) are needed to calculate nitrogen balance.

  • Sample of urine
  • We perform the test daily