Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) – Detection of structural chromosomal abnormalities

Detection of chromosome rearrangements (translocations, inversions etc.) on single blastomeres is implemented using custom-labeled, region-specific FISH probes.

The process is comprised of 2 distinct phases:

  • Phase 1: Design and production of custom labeled FISH probes and evaluation of the detection strategy (specific for each case/family – performed once per case/family)
  • Phase 2: Testing of blastomeres, following day 3 embryo biopsy.

Please consult our laboratory in advance, for further information and instructions.

Time required for the completion of the 1st phase may be up to 2 months. It is only after the successful completion of the 1st phase, (for which you will be notified by our laboratory) that the IVF procedure may commence.