Personal DNA profiling

The personal DNA profile of an individual is derived in the same way used for paternity testing or for the genetic identification of blood relatives, through DNA analysis of polymorphic STR markers. The individual DNA profile does not provide any medical information regarding the person, but provides strong individual DNA identification through of set of internationally validated polymorphic DNA markers.

The personal DNA profile requires taking an oral swab with a simple cotton swab which you send to the laboratory. If you wish to use the results for legal purposes, the sample should be taken by an independent person who will ensure proper identification and documentation (chain of custody).

Once the personal DNA profile is obtained, the DNA sample and the results are returned to the person tested. We do not store samples on your behalf, since the procedure used allows for you to store your DNA sample at home, simply and easily at room temperature.

For the personal DNA profile we analyze 16 internationally accepted and validated polymorphic STR markers (plus the non-polymorphic AMEL marker for gender determination).