To address the need for a standard method for performing in vitro susceptibility tests for human mycoplasmas and ureaplasmas, the Clinical and Laboratory Standards (CLSI) subcommittee on antimicrobial susceptibility testing of human mycoplasmas recently reported an international multilaboratory collaborative study.

Media and consensus methods for the performance and quality control of antimicrobial testing of M. pneumoniaeM. hominis and U. urealyticum using broth microdilution and agar dilution techniques were standardized. Moreover, MIC breakpoints for selected antimicrobial agents have now been published by the CLSI. Susceptibility testing kits using the broth microdilution technique are currently sold in Europe. Some of these kits combine detection and identification in the same product.

Mycoplasma lack peptidoglycan and are thus resistant to all cell wall active antibiotics such as beta-lactams, fosfomycin and glycopeptide antibiotics. They are also resistant to rifampin, polymyxins, nalidixic acid, sulfonamides and trimethoprim.

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