Anti-Legionella pneumophila antibody

A negative result indicates that IgG/A/M antibody to Legionella pneumophila serogroups 1-6 is not detected. Negative results do not exclude Legionella infection. It may require 4 to 8 weeks to develop a detectable antibody response; serum specimens taken early in the course of infection may not yet have significant antibody titers. Furthermore, antibody levels can fall to undetectable levels within a month of infection, early antibiotic therapy may suppress antibody response, and some individuals may not develop antibodies above detectable limits.

Positive results are suggestive of Legionella infection; however, a single positive result only indicates immunologic exposure at some time. It does not distinguish between previous or current infection. The level of antibody response may not be used to determine active infection. Other laboratory procedures or additional clinical information are necessary to establish a diagnosis.

  • Sample of blood serum
  • We perform the test in 6 days from sampling