Adenovirus antibodies IgG, IgM

Adenovirus infection is a very common infection. Adenoviruses are responsible for up to 10% of respiratory tract infections in children. The virus readily spreads through direct or indirect contact.

Adenovirus infection is usually cleared by the body’s immune system with no need for medical intervention. The symptoms may last for several days before they subside.

The adenovirus antibodies that are mass-produced target specific components, or antigens, on the adenovirus. These may include proteins on its surface or other structures.

There are several different kinds of antibodies. IgM antibodies are released several days after exposure and indicate acute (recent) infection. IgG antibodies are released several weeks after exposure and indicate chronic (ongoing) or past infection.

The Adenovirus Antibody Blood Test helps detect antibodies specific to adenovirus in blood. It is used to diagnose infection by adenovirus.

  • Sample of blood serum
  • We perform the test every Monday