Corporate Social Responsibility

In the last four years, corporate responsibility has been included in the strategic planning of InterGenetics, with actions which reflect the human-centered nature of the Company, as they bring people to the forefront of the Company’s activities, paying special attention to the support of less privileged families with genetic problems or children with severe genetic disorders, where the costs of expensive and specialized tests unfortunately cannot be covered through the national health system or by social institutions or the families.

Our priority is to support the widest possible range of social activities and to respond positively to any initiative requested in collaboration with social organizations, institutions, vulnerable social groups, groups of children with intellectual disability, etc.

  • Letter of thanks from the NGO ‘PRAKSIS’, for our assistance in their action programs, specifically for the donation of € 3.000 to cover the cost of genetic tests for an abandoned newborn at Attikon Hospital.

Molecular karyotype_PRAKSIS.jpg

  • Letter of thanks from the NGO ‘PRAKSIS’, for our assistance regarding the second anniversary festival ‘The Yogis & Friends Project – Athens Edition’. The money raised from the contributions was allocated to the Daily Reception Centre for the Homeless of ‘PRAKSIS’.

yogis and friends.jpg

  • Letter of thanks from the Social Welfare Centre of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Department of Child Protection, for performing pro bono (free-of-charge) molecular genetic testing for Familial Adenomatous Polyposis in a 14-year old child.