Company structure

The company is managed by a Board of Directors and the current President of the Board and CEO is Professor Constantinos Pangalos MD, DSc, Medical Geneticist-Pediatrician. Our services are provided by 4 independent departments and their respective scientific managers.


  • Administration Secretariat

The Administration Secretariat ensures a more efficient performance of the tasks at the Management level of the company.

  • Services Secretariat

The main concern of this secretariat is the proper implementation of the company’s services and to provide the best possible support to the patients.

  • Secretariat for Communication, Development and Support

The main responsibilities of the secretariat is the efficient handling of issues relating to the organization and operation of the Centre’s management, but also the productive management of the customers and internal or external partners.

It also contributes to the effective collaboration with the internal or external medical staff, of the Administration and the Departments of the Center, creating the right conditions for a productive cooperation.

In addition, it provides support to all of the Centre’s departments, as well as to the Management in terms of proper functioning of the Centre. In this context, it has undertaken the role of ISO Quality Management, maintaining the proper functioning of all processes through documented manuals, procedures and instructions, as well as monitoring and implementing the Company’s quality objectives.

  • Financial Services

It ensures proper functioning of all financial and accounting aspects of the Centre.

  • External Courier Services

The external services focus on the transport of medical samples, adhering to the required standards of the Quality Management System.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]