Introductory note

Welcome to the new and more comprehensive website of InterGenetics, a scientific team that runs for 40 years now (1977-2017) the medical geneticist, Professor Constantinos Pangalos, offering specialized clinical and laboratory diagnostic genetic services in Greece and abroad.

We hope you find interesting our new project that aims to help you even more and please notice that we will take care of you with consistency, responsibility and reliability, as always do.

We are all aware of the significant advances in the field of Genetics at the international level. A continuously increasing systematic research is performed nowadays, aimed at the complete decoding of the structure and function of the human genome. Techniques and methods are evolving with an astounding rate, resulting in a better and quicker diagnosis of diseases associated with alterations of the genetic material.

Genetics is no longer a science solely concerned with rare genetic disorders, for it is already established that many common health problems have a genetic basis and therefore they are of common concern. The benefits from this research are imminent, insofar as applications could very soon result in the direct intervention at the gene level and possible therapy for several genetic disorders. It is therefore understandable the interest every medical practitioner has in Genetics as well as the necessity to maintain a close collaboration with the Genetics specialist.

There have been significant efforts in Greece, both within the public and the private sector, regarding the organization of genetic services. Our activities in the field of Genetics begins in 1977, through the establishment of my private practice, which in 1985 was transformed to the ‘Diagnostic Genetic Center S.A.’, the first private genetics center in the country. The company’s name was changed in 2007 to InterGenetics and was maintained as such until 2013, incorporating Chemical Pathology services.

In June 2014, the company was transformed into a private Multi-Unit Medical Center, with two additional units: Fetal Medicine and Pathology. I believe that through our efforts we have achieved a notable scientific evolvement and have made decisive contributions to the provision of medical genetic services in our country.

Over the years, InterGenetics has conducted more than 536.000 genetic tests for Greek patients and from abroad and more than 95,000 healthy children were born following prenatal testing performed in collaboration with major obstetric centers, eminent obstetricians and other medical specialists.

InterGenetics boasts more than 40 years of experience in quality management of genetic testing and has been in the forefront in terms of implementing new technologies, with emphasis in developing technical know-how and in the application of applied genetic research. During its operation, our center has cooperated and is collaborating with prestigious centers in Europe and the USA, both in research and in the provision of specialized services.

Also, we participated in externally funded research projects in Greece and abroad in the fields of basic and applied genetics. These research efforts were made possible mainly due to the wealth of precious material accumulated throughout the years and the results of these investigations have been published in reputable international journals.

We rely on two equally important principles: the scientific and technical validity of the tests and the human approach and psychological support of the people who entrust us with their problems. Our services are personalized in every case and this leads to a comprehensive investigation of the family and aids significantly in providing accurate genetic counseling.

Our future goals are to work more closely with clinicians and to widen and deepen the understanding of Genetics for the general public in Greece, as well as abroad. We all are in need of better organized services and a more methodical information for the public regarding the true possibilities and limitations of these tests, which ultimately aim at reducing the birth of severely ill children and provide diagnosis and management of genetic diseases in adults.

With kind regards,

Constantinos G. Pangalos, MD (Athens), DSc (Paris VI)

Scientific Director of InterGenetics
Former Associate Professor of Medical Genetics, Necker-Enfants Malades, Université Paris V
Corresponding Member of the French National Academy of Medicine